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International Tenders: request of feasibility Analysis

DKR91 is a supplier of IT equipment for international tenders financed by EuropeAid and World Bank funds.

Thanks to our experience in IT field and to professionalism through years of work in the computer sector, we try in the first instance to provide a technical analysis and feasibility of various tenders, to give our customers a clear and fast response on the possibilities, conditions and timing of the preparation of the offer. We work mainly for foreign markets, we deal with international tenders, at this link you can find a map of all tenders won by our customers to which we have provided consultancy and computer equipment.

For more information on our trading and procurement services, to request a feasibility analysis or an advice on this subject, please contact us at this email address.

DKR91 is located in Cavriago, in the province of Reggio Emilia.


Why to choose DKR91 for the supply of IT equipment in international tenders

The first step to a successful strategy is to rely on professionals in the IT world for the preparation of a project of international tender.

What our company offers its customers:

– Technical feasibility analysis: to save time, a clear and efficient analysis conducted by experts on the real possibilities of success in the award of a particular contract allow you to invest time and resources only in the most feasible and secure projects

– Consultancy service to our customers from our expert IT technicians

– Management of all the supply of IT equipment of a contract: in case of award, DKR91 will provide all IT equipment and deliver it where and as required by the customer, in order to avoid the customer unnecessary intermediate steps.

Outsourcing one single expert partner for the preparation of a contract, it is a practical way to save time and resources.


Contact us now for more information

The great experience in the world of procurement and trading combined with deep knowledge of the IT sector, makes us ideal partners for all those looking for a unique professional and experienced contact person for the preparation of feasibility analysis for international tenders.

If you would like more information about our previous performed commissions in international tenders, if you would like a quote for a possible supply or a technical feasibility analysis for a tender with IT equipment requests you would like to participate in, please contact us: our staff will be pleased answer all your requests.