Home interventions: a computer technician always at your disposal
Your PC does not start or has stopped working properly and you don't know what to do but do you need to restore its functions? Lately you notice excessive slowdowns or anomalies in your computer but you have no possibility to take it to check? No problem! Contact DKR91 immediately, one of our IT technicians will make an appointment with you and provide home assistance! Our company has many years of experience in the IT sector and will be able to offer you a quality, fast and professional service. Whether it is to clean your PC of viruses, or whether it needs hardware repairs, we will be able to help you solve the problem. DKR91 is located in San Bartolomeo but also operates in neighboring municipalities such as Cavriago, Montecchio and throughout the province of Reggio Emilia. Contact us now to request an intervention or for more information on our services and our price list.
Periodic checks and cleaning to combat malware
Malware, or malicious programs that can cause damage to your computer, are becoming more common and increasingly difficult to detect. Sometimes due to clicks "inattentive" to requests whose details have not been read, sometimes ending up accidentally browsing pages full of dangerous links, sometimes opening emails that apparently are sent from reliable sources and seem to great importance but in reality they are only "traps"; you end up having your pc infested without even realizing it! For this reason, periodic cleaning and checking are always recommended: a computer whose files are clean and in order offers better performance and guarantees greater protection to your data! Contact us now to request a check on your computer or for more information on the type of services we can offer you!