IT material logistics management for international tenders
DKR91, expert consultant for the IT sector as a trader for international tenders, offers all the services related to participation and supply; from the technical feasibility analysis, to the compilation of the offer, up to the supply of the material and the logistics management of the delivery. If you need assistance with the procedure for completing an offer document for the IT sector in a tender, with reasoned and relevant prices; if you need advice on the design of a winning strategy for the award of foreign contracts; Contact DKR91 immediately, one of our staff responsible for consultancy in trading and procurement will be available to explain how to proceed with a collaboration.
From feasibility analysis to delivery. All with a single supplier.
One of the aspects most appreciated by customers who turn to DKR91 for consultancy on the supply of IT materials for international tenders, is the almost total management of the project as regards the part that our sector is responsible for. By contacting a single interlocutor, in fact, companies can request feasibility analysis, supplies and logistic management of the delivery which takes place according to the times and methods provided by customers. Contacting a professional expert in this field means obtaining true and current offer documents that significantly help awarding a contract, as well as having the convenience of receiving all the necessary material without further worries with great savings of time and resources.